Emotions T-Shirt Series

The idea for these prints had been at the back of my mind for a while, but the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown seemed the perfect time to get them out of the sketchbook and into print.  If only we could choose our emotions, or control our mental health; swap between feelings as easily as changing a T-shirt. Perhaps what we portray on the outside doesn’t reflect how we really feel on the inside. I’ve never seen anyone wearing a ‘sad’ T-shirt. How often do we say we’re fine when we’re not? Or possibly we can put on our ‘resilience’ shirt and harness the strength to push on through a really difficult time. Take from them what you will. Choose one that speaks to you, or a couple, or all! Arrange them in the order that feels right for you. I loved every minute of designing and printing these small, but powerful, T-shirt women.

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